Jamaican Partners

Callaloo Mews School, Kingston

Land in Montego Bay and gear up for a life-changing journey to Kingston, where you'll uplift the Callaloo Mews community through meaningful service projects. This isn't charity; it's investment, from launching sustainable housing to empowering local industry with a sewing clinic. Close the chapter with two days of reflection at Sunsets Resort, making Mission Jamaica not just a trip, but a transformative experience that echoes long after you're home.

Clifton Boys Home

Embark on a mission to Clifton Boys Home in Darlingston, Jamaica, where you won't just build structures but futures for boys aged 8 to 18. Situated just an hour from our base hotel, this Christian home focuses on cultivating safety, education, and core values. Your impact goes beyond maintenance; you're part of holistic change, teaching VBS, crafting sessions, and even learning cricket from the boys. And don't forget that second suitcase—your donations of essentials like belts, cleaning supplies, and school items aren't just items; they're catalysts for empowerment and self-reliance.

Copse Basic School

Dive into a hands-on mission at Copse Basic School, just 45 minutes from our base hotel and adjacent to West Haven Children’s Home, amplifying your impact across two vital community hubs. While the Jamaican education system mandates attendance for 3-5 year-olds, challenges like transportation and uniform costs hinder enrollment—something your presence actively addresses. You're not just a missionary; you're a catalyst for progress, aiding in the classroom, leading VBS activities, and spearheading facility improvements like fresh paint and ABC stencils. Pack that second suitcase with essentials like classroom aids and kitchen supplies, and you're not just delivering items, you're enabling futures.

The Earth Angel Breakfast Feeding Program, Kingston

Hit the ground running in Kingston after a scenic 4-hour journey from Montego Bay, setting the stage for a transformative four-night stay. You're not just filling plates at the Earth Angel Breakfast Feeding Program; you're fueling minds, tackling the crippling effects of hunger that stymie learning at the Calalloo Mews Basic School. Rise and shine to serve breakfast to 50-150 kids from impoverished homes, and then transition to your daily service site—this isn't just charity, it's a change engine. Wind down with two days of reflection at Sunsets Resort in Montego Bay, ensuring this mission is as enriching for you as it is for the community you serve.

Hope Valley Experimental School, Kingston

Begin your journey in Kingston after a picturesque shuttle ride from Montego Bay, priming you for an impactful four-night stay. At Hope Valley Experimental School, your service amplifies a groundbreaking educational model that integrates special needs children, serving a bustling community of over 900 K-6 students. You're not just a helping hand; you're part of a legacy that started with Mission Jamaica's first service in 1990. From constructing accessible walkways to hands-on classroom support, your contributions are a blend of sweat equity and heart, tangibly improving education quality. Wrap up this soul-stirring mission with two days of reflection at Sunsets Resort in Montego Bay, making this not just a trip, but an awakening.


Step into the world of Ja'Bode, formerly known as Habitat for Humanity in Jamaica, and become an architect of change. You're not just building homes; you're building futures, working hand-in-hand with new homeowners and the community on crucial projects like digging footings and pouring concrete. With a financial commitment of $4,000-$4,500 per home, you're investing in affordable, lasting shelter for those in desperate need. But it doesn't stop there; that second suitcase you bring isn't just luggage, it's a lifeline—packed with essential household items and Bibles to further enrich the lives of J'Bode families. This is more than a mission; it's a model for sustainable change.

Medical Team

You're not just signing up for a mission; you're committing to a multi-faceted approach to change with Mission Jamaica’s healthcare initiative. Imagine this: you're providing free medical and spiritual healthcare across various locations, from Kingston's Penwood Medical Clinic to Montego Bay's St. John's Medical Clinic and even mobile setups. These aren't just clinics; they're lifelines in communities ranging from urban to rural settings. You're the needed blend of medical professionals and laypeople, addressing everything from basic check-ups to specialized dental care. And don't forget that second suitcase; it's a mobile medical cabinet stocked with exam gloves, toothbrushes, and even Bibles, catering to both physical and spiritual needs. You're not just giving healthcare; you're granting hope and sustainable wellbeing. This is healthcare disrupted, charity optimized, and faith actualized.

Westhaven Children's Home

Listen, the work you're doing at West Haven Children’s Home isn't just charity; it's an investment in humanity. You've got 80 kids and young adults with special needs, and the resources are stretched thinner than a tightrope walker's wire. It's a tough environment—bare-bones staff, no hot water, you name it. But that's where you roll up your sleeves and bring the magic. Whether you're hammering nails into new construction, teaching at the on-site school, or simply assisting the overworked staff, you're delivering more than just aid—you're injecting hope and dignity into lives. Think of it like this: you're not just filling a budget gap; you're bridging the gap between mere survival and truly thriving. This is compassion engineered, faith delivered, and love in action.